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What is the Plan?

About the Plan


...the first formal revitalization effort for the district since the city’s inception, and since the Alisal was annexed into the city in the 1960s.

- Monterey County Weekly (July 21, 2016)

A Plan by the Community

The Plan will be an action-oriented and comprehensive strategy for East Salinas, led by the community in close collaboration with the City. This plan is a first of its kind undertaking between the City of Salinas and the residents of East Salinas, who, with assistance from the Building Health Communities coalition, advocated for a plan of their own when the City was drafting its Downtown Vibrancy Plan and Economic Development Element in 2013. Through relationship building and partnerships with residents, other community groups, city staff, and elected officials, City Council allocated the initial funding for a plan for the Alisal.


Through the plan, the Alisal community will generate their vision for a thriving, safe and sustainable future, and strategies for getting there. Community participation and empowerment is critical to ensure the plan is responsive to the Alisal’s current and future needs. The City is committed to a public engagement process that builds the capacity of residents, businesses, and organizations to fully participate in the development of the plan.

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